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Diploma in Culinary Arts (8 Months)

Level 2 International Diploma from City & Guilds, London in food preparation & culinary arts with a certificate in agricultural science (8 Months)

Duration: 8-months including internship (international and national internship options)

Highlights of the curriculum

1. Culinary techniques: This module focuses on teaching students the basic techniques of cooking and baking, including knife skills, stocks, sauces, soups, and pastry doughs.

2. Sustainable farming and gardening: Students will learn sustainable farming and gardening practices, crop selection, and soil management.Livestock management and routines around hydroponics and aquaponics will be demonstrated..

3. Understanding of farming and food systems: Exhaustive understanding of farming and food systems to source ingredients locally and build relationships with local farmers and growers will be imparted..

4. Seasonal menu planning: Farm-to-table restaurants rely heavily on seasonal and local ingredients, which means the menu needs to be updated accordingly. This requires a formidable understanding of the seasonal availability of different ingredients and the ability to adapt to them..

5. Kitchen management: Principles of cost control, menu planning, and kitchen organization in the context of an operation in a farm will be taught..

6. Plated desserts and presentation: This component dwells on teaching students how to create visually appealing, delicious desserts that align with the farm-to-table philosophy..

7. Entrepreneurship: Students will be provided an opportunity to work with our experts to build a business plan on starting and running a farm-to table restaurant, catering business, or a unit that commercially processes local farm produce..

8. Culinary nutrition: This component focuses on teaching students about the nutritional value of ingredients used in farm-to-table cooking and how to prepare healthy, balanced meals.

Basic requirements For Admission:

1. Age: Minimum age of 18 years or above.
2. Education: A minimum of 10+2 or equivalent qualification (work experience) in any stream from a recognized board.
3. Passion: Those interested in food from the source (how it’s grown, processed, cooked and consumed).
4. Physical fitness: Good levels of physical fitness is essential as the culinary program involves long hours of standing and working in the kitchen and farm.
5. Basic cooking skills: Simple knowledge of cooking and knife skills are preferred, but not mandatory.
6. English language proficiency: Good command of the English language is preferred for better understanding of the course material and communication in the kitchen.


Tuition: ₹4,50,000/-  ₹1,80,000/-. Limited Seats Available Book Your Seats Now.

Cafeteria & Hostel: ₹8,000/- per month (Pay lumpsum for course duration along with admission for free Gym & Swimming Pool paid membership) 


Are You on the List? The Perfect Candidates for Farm-to-Table Courses!

Individuals with a minimum of a 10th-grade education can jumpstart their culinary career through certificate courses in farm-to-table concepts.

Eligible candidates interested in starting their own farm-to-table restaurant or food processing business can gain foundational knowledge and practical skills.

Graduates can gain hands-on cooking skills and knowledge about sourcing and preparing local, sustainable food, prepping for roles in top farm-to-table kitchens.

Innovate and create sustainable food products for farm-to-table markets, enhancing consumer experiences with fresh, local ingredients

Those aspiring to teach can learn about farm-to-table principles to incorporate into culinary education at various institutions or workshops

Individuals seeking to transition into culinary careers can gain foundational knowledge and skills through certificate and diploma programs

Build upon existing qualifications and experiences to pursue higher-level positions in the culinary industry, such as chef de cuisine or food service manager.

Learn about sustainable farming techniques and the culinary aspect of farm-to-table operations, paving the way for careers in agricultural entrepreneurship.

Expand their skill set with farm-to-table education, catering to the growing demand for sustainable dining experiences in hotels and resorts.

Gain insights into the nutritional benefits of locally sourced foods, informing their dietary recommendations and meal planning strategies.

Learn to create menus and plan events centered around farm-fresh ingredients, catering to clients seeking sustainable dining options.

Specialize in presenting and capturing farm-to-table dishes in visually appealing ways, boosting their marketability

Develop expertise to guide establishments in implementing sustainable and farm-to-table practices effectively

Teach and promote farm-to-table concepts in schools, communities, or through public workshops, spreading awareness about sustainable eating.

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