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Offerered By ACCASI

Welcome To ACCASI


We love our food and the origin of our ingredients.

We care about the safety of our employees and the environment

We use the Chef’s Signature recipes and seasonal, locally sourced fruit and vegetables from our farm.

We work with our Customers, Stakeholders, Celebrity Chefs and Business Partners to ensure our Culinary Excellence.

ASSACI is firmly rooted in our culture through our leadership and regional self-help groups at all levels. Our Culinary Philosophy, based on structured Culinary recommendations and combined with our farm-to-table model, not only improves customer satisfaction but also strengthens relationships with stakeholders and attracts a highly skilled workforce.

We are the One and only Culinary Institute in India using a concept called Farm to Table. We grow Organic Ingredients and bring the Farm to the Table.


The One & Only Culinary Institute In India That Offers Cooking & Baking Classes With Farm Fresh Ingredients

The Farm to Table concept is really simple. It’s about buying fresh produce from farmers and putting it on your table. Sound familiar? Well, traditionally we’ve always done that. Ultimately, we succumbed to the convenience and the ability to buy our favorite foods from around the world all year round. Many of our meals were easy to prepare with off-the-shelf ingredients and the food industry was booming. More processing and greater demand have led farmers to use more pesticides than ever before and abandon traditional farming methods to generate more income. In a world where most restaurants use processed food and eat more fast food and foreign food, the movement of people, chefs and farmers committed to responsibly grown, seasonal and fresh food has quieted down. But it’s growing. to start.


Programs Offered by ACCASI -For Cooking & Baking Classes

Diploma Course
(6 Months)

Level 2 International Diploma from City & Guilds, London in food preparation & culinary arts (6 Months)

Diploma Course
(8 Months)

Level 2 International Diploma from City & Guilds, London in food preparation & culinary arts with a certificate in agricultural science (8 Months)

Diploma Course
(1 Year)

Diploma in culinary arts from Jawaharlal Nehru Technical Education (JNTE), Delhi (1 Year)

Diploma Course
(1 Year)

Diploma in bakery & confectionery from Jawaharlal Nehru Technical Education (JNTE), Delhi (1 Year)

Diploma Course
(1 Year)

Diploma in bakery & confectionery from Jawaharlal Nehru Technical Education (JNTE), Delhi (1 Year)

Certificate Course + Internship

Certificate Course in Basic Food Production – 4 Months and 2 Months Training/Internship in 5 Star Hotels.

Certificate Course + Internship

Certified Course in Advance Food Production – 6 Months with 2 Months Overseas Internship in 5 star Hotels.


Are You on the List? The Perfect Candidates for Farm-to-Table Courses!

Individuals with a minimum of a 10th-grade education can jumpstart their culinary career through certificate courses in farm-to-table concepts.

Eligible candidates interested in starting their own farm-to-table restaurant or food processing business can gain foundational knowledge and practical skills.

Graduates can gain hands-on cooking skills and knowledge about sourcing and preparing local, sustainable food, prepping for roles in top farm-to-table kitchens.

Innovate and create sustainable food products for farm-to-table markets, enhancing consumer experiences with fresh, local ingredients

Those aspiring to teach can learn about farm-to-table principles to incorporate into culinary education at various institutions or workshops

Individuals seeking to transition into culinary careers can gain foundational knowledge and skills through certificate and diploma programs

Build upon existing qualifications and experiences to pursue higher-level positions in the culinary industry, such as chef de cuisine or food service manager.

Learn about sustainable farming techniques and the culinary aspect of farm-to-table operations, paving the way for careers in agricultural entrepreneurship.

Expand their skill set with farm-to-table education, catering to the growing demand for sustainable dining experiences in hotels and resorts.

Gain insights into the nutritional benefits of locally sourced foods, informing their dietary recommendations and meal planning strategies.

Learn to create menus and plan events centered around farm-fresh ingredients, catering to clients seeking sustainable dining options.

Specialize in presenting and capturing farm-to-table dishes in visually appealing ways, boosting their marketability

Develop expertise to guide establishments in implementing sustainable and farm-to-table practices effectively

Teach and promote farm-to-table concepts in schools, communities, or through public workshops, spreading awareness about sustainable eating.

Partners in Our Journey

Our Education Partners

Partners in Our Journey

Our Association Partners

Farm to Table: Discover the Journey in Our 1 day/2 days Cooking Classes With Certificates

Our Short Term Courses in Cooking & Baking - Customized For You

Try our 1- to 2-day short courses in culinary and bakery. Join workshops, explore new careers, and discover your options with us!  All the course fee includes Lunch and Hi-Tea for all the students and will awarded with a certificate.

Two days Course In ACCASI

Certificate in Culinary Arts: Healthy Millets

Fee: INR 6,000 | Duration: 2 Days | Timing: 9 AM – 5 PM |

Certificate in Culinary Arts: Sandwich, Kebab, and Wraps

Fee: INR 6,000 | Duration: 2 Days | Timing: 9 AM – 4 PM |

Certificate In Art Of Cookies, Pies And Tarts

Fee: 3500 Duration: 2 Day Timing: 9 AM to 4 PM

Summer Sizzle: Seasonal Cooking at ACCASI’s Farm-to-Table Summer Workshops

Summer Certificate 1-Day Course in Culinary Arts

Certificate in Culinary Arts: Chinese Cuisine

Fee: INR 4,000 | Duration: 1 Day | Timing: 9 AM – 5 PM | Eve

Certificate in Culinary Arts: South Indian Cuisine

Fee: INR 4,000 | Duration: 1 Day | Timing: 9 AM – 5 PM | Ev4

One Day Course in Bakery & Confectionery

Certificate in the Art Of Eggless Baking

Fee: 2000        Duration: 1 Day Timing: 9 AM to 4 PM

Certificate In Art Of Laminated Pastry

Fee: 2000       Duration: 1 Day         Timing: 9 am to 4 pm    

Certificate In Cake Decoration And Icing

Fee: 6000       Duration: Two days   Timings: 9 AM to 4 PM 

Certificate In The Art Of Vegan Baking

Fee: 3000       Duration: 1 Day         Timing:  9 AM to 4 PM 

Certificate In The Art Of Cheesecake

Fee: 3000       Duration: 1 Day         Timing: 9 AM to 4 PM 

Chocolate Workshop (June 2024)

Fee: 4000       Duration: 1 Day         Timing: 9 am to 4 pm

Certificate In Gourmet Tea Cakes

Fee: 2000       Duration: 1 Day         Timing: 9 AM to 4 PM

Our Achievements in Last Year

ACCASI Leads with Farm-to-Table Culinary Education


Bonheur Timeline


About ACA

Over the past 35 years ACA campus in Hosur has developed its farm, today it thrives with several acres of land producing crops and fruits.

ACA farm also has cows, goats, fishery, ducks and chicken. Our dairy farm, compost, sewage treatment plant, rainwater harvesting structures provide the manure and water needed to power the farming activities.

Like agriculture, vocational education has been part of the holistic vision of ACA since its founding. In keeping with that vision, Asian Christian Culinary and Agricultural Sciences Institute (ACCASI) is set to deliver relevant vocational education.

There is a greater interest around the world in understanding the entire cycle of how food gets to our table. We will blend training in small-scale agricultural techniques with culinary arts in our diploma and certification programs.

Campus Life

Library spanning over 10,000 square feet

Gym  and weight training facilities

Residential faculty 

Sports facilities

ACCASI Opportunities

State-of-the-art kitchen facilities outfitted with modern equipment for processing farm produce



Career Oppurtunities

 Executive Chef in farm-to-table restaurants, cruise liners or events

Farm-to-table restaurant business

Farm-to-table Product Developer

Our Team

Meet Our Key People

ACCASI has two culinary instructors and an able administrative team to ensure that educational activities meet and fulfil the best standards. Our team of professionals have a strong connection to the farm and are highly skilled and knowledgeable in culinary arts.

Dr Stephen George

Dr Stephen George

Dr. Stephen George, President of the Asian Christian Academy, explores the intersection of Higher Education, Linguistics, and culture's impact on learning. His academic journey spans Texas A&M University, Evangelical Theological Seminary, The University of Texas at Arlington, and culminates in a PhD from the University of North Texas
Chef Stephenson

Chef Stephenson

Chef Mathew Stephenson, with 24+ years in education and hospitality, holds gold and bronze medals from the South Indian Chefs Association. Currently pursuing a PhD, he coauthored two recipe books, taught culinary theory, and excels in sushi-making, cold cuts, and 3D food printing. His expertise spans prestigious establishments worldwide.
Chef Gangatharan

Chef Gangatharan

Executive Chef
Chef Gangadharan. L boasts 18+ years' culinary expertise across Bengaluru, Pune, Nilgiris, and international cruise liners. Proficient in dough shaping and baking, he excels in crafting high-quality, delectable dishes. As a professor chef, he imparts bakery skills and manages large-scale orders and events, earning accolades for excellence and social responsibility.
Chef Antony Prabhu

Chef Antony Prabhu

Culinary Trainer
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Join the Movement: Farm-to-Table Culinary Training

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